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Hair Cut - $35

Your haircut makes a statement! So make sure you’re not making the wrong one. Our haircut is a 45 minute long service. At Black Cat you’re not herded in and out like cattle. Our clients are our number one priority and that’s the way you’ll be treated every time!

Beard Trim - $28

A beard is a man’s holy grail, so don’t just let anyone touch it. Leave it to us to shape, trim, and sculpt your beard to your desired length. Whether your beard is long, short, almond shaped or square, we’ll make sure your beard stands out.

Hot Towel Face Shave - $38

Take a trip down memory lane and indulge yourself in our hot towel face shave. We start by prepping the face with multiple hot towels, followed up by hand whipped lather and shaved to precision with a classic straight razor. It truly will leave you feeling like a baby face!

Waxing – $12

Unibrow bothering ya? Ear hairs creeping out of your ears? Or is your nose hair starting to connect with your mustache? Well look no more cause we have a solution for that! Nice, hot wax applied and removed by yours truly here at the shop. So buckle up and head on down now while supplies last!

Hot Towel Head Shave - $38

We’ll began by prepping the head with multiple hot towels. Followed up with hand whipped lather and shaved with a classic straight razor to perfection. Once finished, we apply oils to the skin to help soothe and protect. It’s an experience even Mr. Clean himself would envy!

Shampoo & Scrub - $5

Take a minute to clean up after a cut, (or before) kick back and relax! Let us give you a nice head scrubbing, all while you drift away with hot steaming towel over your eyes.

Hot Towel Neck Shave

Included with every haircut!

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